Submit the Documentary – Movie on Cyberbullying | Know How to Report Cyberbullying
The way we hurt each other has evolved.™

“Submit the Documentary” the virtual reality of cyberbullying™

What is Submit?

Submit is the first award winning educational film that tells the stories of the families affected by cyberbullying. The shared experiences and testimonials of victims, survivors and experts exposes the growing world of cyberbullying.Learn More

Parent Resources

Parents learn about the social media networks and applications (apps) your children are using everyday. Get great tips on the latest trends, everything you need to know. Let’s keep our kids safe on the internet and on mobile devices. Learn More

Watch the Movie

Take the most important step and become educated and informed about bullying and cyberbullying by watching “Submit the Documentary”. Watch Submit in your class. Together we can create social change through education.
Learn More

Report Cyberbullying

Because bullying and cyberbullying can quickly spiral out of control, it is important to teach your children to have the courage to report cyberbullying. Click Learn More for a full library of resources. Talk to your child today. Learn More

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