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“Submit the Documentary” has been shown to over 500 USA schools and has been broadcasted in over 14 different countries. The Submit Team is dedicated to spreading awareness about the reality of cyberbullying. Join the Movement #NoBystanders, SUBMIT your Story, and Share this important Documentary Film.

Cyberbullying News

Children being treated for self-harm
A spokeswoman for the PSNI said that while bullying was not a new phenomenon, online or 'cyberbullying' was a growing area of concern for police.Read More
Post Date: 06 July 2015, 02:03:45 pm

New Zealand Parliament Overwhelming Decides Free Speech Must Take A Backseat To ...
New Zealand is the latest country to "do something" about online trolling. A rather comprehensive anti-cyberbullying act passed its third reading in the ...Read More
Post Date: 06 July 2015, 01:30:00 pm


Education Package

Educators and Teachers please feel free to download our PDF screening guide for our movie “Submit the Documentary”. This guide will help facilitate classroom discussions. Coming soon a new educators tool-kit! Login to see our full Resource Center for Teachers, Parents, and Teens.

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