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A Clean Sweep in Two Taps


In July 2014, a new app called Wiper made teens look again. Why? Well, what teen wouldn’t love being able to wipe clean all conversations via text message, photos, videos, and any call history? This way they can keep anything they want away from their parents and other people that can see their messages on their phone.

Each time a message is sent it uses end-to-end encryption, meaning that they are secure and tough to hack. End-to-end encryption is also used when placing phone calls or sending videos. Unlike Snapchat, where you can screenshot an image or video, Wiper does not allow anyone using an Android device to take a screenshot, although iOS apps are allowed but will notify the person on the other end. All it takes it two taps to delete conversations from your phone, a friends phone, and the company servers.wiper gif

This is certainly something that parents need to be aware of and understand how it works. Whether a child is using the app to have more privacy or using it for unsavory, illicit activity, the app can be dangerous for users. The messages within Wiper can be wiped clean whenever either person wants, without notice to the other person.

PARENTS please be aware that cyberbullying will be easy to do with this app as they can message your child and then instantly erase the messages. If your child comes to you – make sure to understand how Wiper works.