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Guide to Temporary Apps


There are many problems with technology and teens in the world today. One thing that has become popular amongst teens is the usage of temporary apps. What are temporary apps you ask? Temporary apps are those that allow only a certain amount of time or when a user decides to wipe away any data when they deem necessary.

Lets talk about SnapChat, a popular app used amongst teens. The “snaps” are viewable for a limited amount of time before they disappear, although they do not guarantee that they will only last for this amount of time and the recipients could take a screenshot of the Snap. Teens love to use this app because they feel that they can send sexy, inappropriate, and erotic messages and think they are gone away after that time.

There are other temporary apps that allow users to wipe away messages, call logs, and even voice-mails. So when parents go to view the teen’s usage, there is nothing that puts up any red flags because everything is already gone. The information can be wiped clean right after it is received or sent.

Parents need to be aware of temporary apps that are used by teens so that they can monitor their child’s phone a little more closely. Creating restrictions on Internet usage, phone usage, etc. is one way to help monitor your teen’s usage. Also there are certain apps that allow you to monitor your child’s texts, block apps, set what time apps can be used, and track location by GPS