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Hyper’s Dirty Secret


Everyone has heard of sexting – but do we really know where kids are sending these sexy texts from? Are they sending it straight from their phone, an app on their phone, or elsewhere? They may be right next to you, in the backseat of the car, in their room, ANYWHERE. Yes, you may think your child isn’t sending these types of messages because you monitor your child’s phone and Internet usage. One thing you don’t know is how easy and quick it is for them to take a picture and send it via a temporary app to someone and what is even more scary is not knowing who they sent it to. H5

H4Hyper, launched on May 5, the purpose is to keep trolling at bay by creating digital audiences around different genres of interest rather than using a personal profile. You are able to look up different hashtags and there you will find different images that others post in that specific category.

While using the app, we noticed that a lot of teens are not only posting images of themselves half naked. Provocative, private, and intimate images, but they are sharing secrets about hurting themselves and feelings that they do not tell others. Teens are sharing their Kik me accounts and SnapChat accounts on certain images, ones that are typically containing young teen girls posting images of themselves barely clothed.

If you don’t think that sexting is a problem – you may want to think again. A lot of teens are using Hyper to connect with SnapChat and Kik that erases messages after a certain period of time, leaving no evidence of sexting.   Hyper is leading teens to connect with others via SnapChat and Kik.