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Jacksonville Mom Blog: Never be a Bystander


Excerpt: As much as I would like to keep my rose-colored glasses firmly perched on my nose, I know the reality of the world we live in today. If kids start acting out by bullying at six years old, what will life look like when they are 10? And when they are teenagers? With the ease of access to technology and social media, bullying is no longer harsh words hollered while swinging on the monkey bars. Cyber bullying is changing the landscape in which we are raising our children.

Submit the Documentary addresses the issue of cyber bulling and sexting through personal stories, numerous experts and sobering statistics. I took off my rose-colored glasses and watched the film—and I am so grateful that I did. While my children are years away from having a social media account of their own, it is never too early to teach the fundamental lesson from Submit the Documentary; never be a bystander.

The overwhelming reality is that our children and youth do have countless opportunities to hurt one another via the Internet. Far too often, these virtual attacks lead to suicide. Can parents realistically monitor all their online activity? Should schools shoulder the burden? What laws are out there to protect our children, and are they effective?

Parents, if you want to learn more about cyber bullying yourself, go to this website. There are links to helpful resources with facts and tips on how to deal with cyber bullying. Watch the video, and share with your own children if you feel they are old enough. There is even a free screening guide for educators; wouldn’t it be wonderful if every middle and high school in Duval, Clay and St Johns county hosted a viewing of this powerful documentary? We can’t change the world that we are raising our children in; technology will always be there. But we can be aware of it and teach our children now how to respond should they ever be on the receiving end of a cyber bully.

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