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John Oliver vs. Internet Trolls

HBO’s Last Tonight with John Oliver highlighted on Sunday the incivility and social abuse that goes on daily on the Internet. It is great to see  much needed attention devoted to raising awareness about the effects of troubling, heinous and even criminal behaviors. Independent writers, online media and documentary film makers have been sounding the alarm for years the need for a new social compact equivalent-to the new behaviors shaped by technology; including protective , legislation and social responsibility. But for those who have studies these issues at length, the answers are not easy unless and until  the vast majority of people who use technology like the internet, and respect its power to deliver wonderful and meaningful positive expressions; demand change, raise a standard for acceptable behavior and enforce an expectation for decorum and accountability.
A study in how to approach the problems can be found in a documentary we made three years ago. Please see the background for the film and the truth behind internet social abuse at:
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