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YouNow App: Live Chat for Teens

Anytime, anywhere, anyone can be seen doing anything. From painting their nails, to watching someone sleep or change. Scary? I think so! As a parent, you have no way of knowing when your child is using the app OR who and what they are viewing. YouNow does not have any age or identity verification Read More


Burn Book Mobile App-Digital Mean Girls

Think of the old day bullying where kids wrote in a notebook anonymously and passed it around in school to bash on others. Now, 2015, times have changed and bullying has become easier to access and quicker to hurt others. Within the last four months, Burn Book, a new iOS and Android app used by teens has become very popular around school communities. Read More


SnapChat does it really disappear?

Although SnapChat itself does not save any received messages, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone systems do allow screenshots. The purpose of SnapChat was not meant for “sexting” but is being used for that purpose Read More

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Jacksonville Mom Blog: Never be a Bystander

Excerpt: As much as I would like to keep my rose-colored glasses firmly perched on my nose, I know the reality of the world we live in today. If kids start acting out by bullying at six years old, what will life look like when they are 10? And when they are teenagers? With the […]


Cyberbullying Research Center: Justin Patchin

“Submit: The Documentary” presents the perspectives of many who have experienced the problem of cyberbullying from a variety of viewpoints, including victims and parents, but also educators, researchers, legislators, and policymakers. Read More


Cyber bullying is something that is becoming more difficult to track

As a parent, I honestly believe that documentaries like Submit the Documentary are essential in recognizing that we can see and fix everything. We have to do a better job of educating our children not only to be kind to each other, but also to speak up if something is bothering them. I highly recommend this documentary to parents and professionals alike. Read More

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