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John Oliver vs. Internet Trolls

HBO’s Last Tonight with John Oliver highlighted on Sunday the incivility and social abuse that goes on daily on the Internet. It is great to see much needed attention devoted to raising awareness about the effects of troubling, heinous and even criminal behaviors. Read More


No 2 Bullying Conference

This case among many really highlights the dangers of cyber bullying at its worst. Cyber bullying is the “fastest growing faceless crime” of which anyone with access to a computer can say or do anything they like under any name they choose, using the power of the internet to bully you. Read More


Guide to Temporary Apps

There are temporary apps that allow users to wipe away messages, call logs, and even voice-mails. So when parents go to view the teen’s usage, there is nothing that puts up any red flags because everything is already gone. Read More


Hyper’s Dirty Secret

Everyone has heard of sexting – but do we really know where kids are sending these sexy texts from? Are they sending it straight from their phone, an app on their phone, or elsewhere? They may be right next to you, in the backseat of the car, in their room, ANYWHERE. Yes, you may think […]


A Clean Sweep in Two Taps

In July 2014, a new app called Wiper made teens look again. Why? Well, what teen wouldn’t love being able to wipe clean all conversations via text message, photos, videos, and any call history? This way they can keep anything they want away from their parents and other people that can see their messages on […]

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A Calm Rational Discussion About Cyberbullying

Finally a calm rational discussion about cyberbullying that includes children, as well as credible informed professionals, that doesn’t flinch from the contradictions inherent in the issue of online harassment, sexual extortion and bullying. Read More

Sprigeo finds SUBMIT the Documentary “powerful and captivating”

The screening of Submit the Documentary, inspired me to show the film to my family and have an intentional conversation about the importance of not just being a bystander. I believe that anyone can benefit from watching this movie whether you are a teen, a parent, an educator or any community member. Read More

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