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YouNow App: Live Chat for Teens

Anytime, anywhere, anyone can be seen doing anything. From painting their nails, to watching someone sleep or change. Scary? I think so! As a parent, you have no way of knowing when your child is using the app OR who and what they are viewing. YouNow does not have any age or identity verification Read More


Burn Book Mobile App-Digital Mean Girls

Think of the old day bullying where kids wrote in a notebook anonymously and passed it around in school to bash on others. Now, 2015, times have changed and bullying has become easier to access and quicker to hurt others. Within the last four months, Burn Book, a new iOS and Android app used by teens has become very popular around school communities. Read More


SnapChat does it really disappear?

Although SnapChat itself does not save any received messages, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android smartphone systems do allow screenshots. The purpose of SnapChat was not meant for “sexting” but is being used for that purpose Read More

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A Calm Rational Discussion About Cyberbullying

Finally a calm rational discussion about cyberbullying that includes children, as well as credible informed professionals, that doesn’t flinch from the contradictions inherent in the issue of online harassment, sexual extortion and bullying. Read More

Sprigeo finds SUBMIT the Documentary “powerful and captivating”

The screening of Submit the Documentary, inspired me to show the film to my family and have an intentional conversation about the importance of not just being a bystander. I believe that anyone can benefit from watching this movie whether you are a teen, a parent, an educator or any community member. Read More

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