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Cyber bullying is something that is becoming more difficult to track


Review by Chris Read –

I always figured I had a pretty good grasp on the issue of bullying in schools. I have written about it on my blog before and I understand the importance of fighting back against this type of behaviour. It was until I watched “Submit the Documentary” however, that I truly understood how deep the bullying really runs.

Cyber bullying is something that is becoming more difficult to track and this documentary does an excellent job of getting on the inside and really showing how bad it is at this moment. The footage is far from sugar coated and portrays a very real snapshot of what life is like for kids in today’s technological world. Interviews from the kids themselves paint a dark picture of what it’s really like to be a bullied student.

The stories of loss are really what drove this documentary home for me. To hear from the parents of the children who committed suicide, that they had no idea anything was wrong, was truly heartbreaking and eye opening at the same time. It helps us realize that even though your child may say that all is well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that is the case and we need to be more vigilant in looking for the warning signs.

As a parent, I honestly believe that documentaries like Submit the Documentary are essential in recognizing that we can see and fix everything. We have to do a better job of educating our children not only to be kind to each other, but also to speak up if something is bothering them. I highly recommend this documentary to parents and professionals alike. Something needs to change and this is an excellent contribution to the discussion.