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School-Wide Assembly combines the traditional PLUS Program with “Submit the Documentary” (SUBMIT) an award winning cyberbullying film. SUBMIT compassionately tells the stories of chil­dren and families who are affected by the harsh reality of cyberbullying. The shared experiences, testimonials of survivors, and experts on this phenomenon allow you to peer into the rapidly growing world of cyberbullying. SUBMIT edu­cates parents, teachers, counselors, and bystand­ers on how they can help victims of bullying and stop cyberbullies. The implementation of PLUS brings youth leadership together with safe school planning and trains students to identify and respond to critical issues which threaten school culture. PLUS provides the framework for fos­tering a culture of communication and sustains the messages delivered in the SUBMIT Assembly. After completing the SUBMIT-PLUS Program Training, campuses across the country will have empowered student leaders and equipped them with the skills to build student connections, communication, care, empathy, and community.

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RESULTS: After the SUBMIT-PLUS Program Training, campuses across the country will have empowered student leaders who are equipped with the skills to build student connections, communication, care, empathy, and community. Student leaders and the school will have the ability to create social change in their environ­ment and influence others in the community to be involved in creating a culture where all students can participate. OPTIONS:

      • SUBMIT-PLUS Assembly: This one of a kind assembly will utilize the film “Submit the Documentary” as a tool to engage students in understanding the impact cyberbullying has on people. In an effort to protect their peers from cyberbullying, all students attending the SUBMIT Assembly will receive a free download of the internet-safety software, CyberBully Alert. Utilizing the power of media and film, SUBMIT will initiate the conversation among students, which will be utilized in the PLUS Program throughout the school year.



        • SUBMIT-PLUS #NOBYSTANDERS ASSEMBLY AND TRAINING PACKAGE: The PLUS Program is a proactive youth devel­opment approach, that empowers young people to lead, educate, influence, and support peers on their campus and in their community. A team of student leaders and advisors will receive the PLUS Program training and curriculum. Trained leaders will have the skills to implement forums year-round and address the critical social issues on each campus.


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